There are many misconceptions about the Botox treatment. Many people believe that botox is only used for treating wrinkles and other signs of aging, which is not true. The reality is that the botox is a multipurpose treatment which can also do wonders as a gummy smile treatment. 

The experts, FDA, and medical doctors are very much excited about finding the true potential of these improved botox injectables. From teeth grinding, and headaches to reducing the signs of aging and gummy smile treatment botox is everywhere. 

Read on to find out how Botox can help you get rid of the embarrassing gummy smile.

What Is Botox?

Botox is a medication that is formulated from botulinum toxin. This toxin when injected relaxes and relives the area. The same botox toxin can be injected in the upper lip of the patient so that it lays low when the person smiles, effectively hiding the upper gums when the person smiles. This creates an aesthetic appearance in which only your pearly white teeth are visible to the onlooker. 

The botox injection also reduces the fine lines that appear on your lips and restores the pinkish-red natural complexion of your lips.

How a Gummy Smile can Affect Your Personality

Whenever you think of a gummy smile a specific animal comes into your mind and it’s none other than the chimpanzee. The more you show your gums while smiling the more you resemble the chimpanzee. Looking more or less like a chimpanzee will definitely negatively affect your appearance and personality. 

Covering your face when you smile is not an option. These methods only offer some compensation for the specific time and not the long run. The bitter and sweet feeling whenever you smile while covering your face can shatter your confidence. 

Wait – There’s Hope – Botox Gummy Smile Treatment

Well, the good thing is that you are not alone. More than 25% of all the people in the world feel insecure about their smile. This self-consciousness and insecurity can be dealt with. With botox gummy smile treatment the patients who once hated their smile can now laugh aloud. 

If you also want your smile to be an asset that boosts your morale and confidence, then consider the botox treatment. 

The Candidacy Criteria

Talking about gummy smiles, there needs to be some factors that need to be assessed before the treatment. The smile line depends upon many different factors that include:

  • The size and shape of lips
  • How your facial muscles are performing
  • The proportions of your face
  • Thickness of your gums (if diseased or healthy)

After accessing these factors and learning about the problem your practitioner will start your gummy smile treatment. He/She will try to reach the ideal or optimal smile line that is about 0-2 mm above the top of teeth. The symmetry of gum lines is also a very important aspect when considering smile cosmetics. 

How Botox Injections Can Correct A Gummy Smile

Most people are unaware of the fact that a simple injection can do wonders for their smile. Botox itself can magically correct a gummy smile. Many people consider it a natural phenomena and are unsure about this simple treatment. 

Botox works by ideally placing the lips onto the top of your teeth so that your gums are very less visible when you smile. This is done by simply injecting your lips. 

Results and Benefits of Botox for Gummy Smile Treatment

Results of the botox procedure are visible in 5-8 days after the treatment. Botox can also be re-injected after its effects wear off. It’s a reversible procedure meaning you can go back to your original smile if you don’t like the results. 

With the passage of time this treatment is becoming less pricey and more effective. Therefore you can get this treatment anytime you need or when it’s effect wears off. 

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Some Other Gummy Smile Treatments

  1. Laser treatment

In this procedure, the excess gum tissues are removed. This is a very common and effective solution to the gummy smile problem. This method also reshaped the underlying jaw bone.

  1. Braces

Re-alignment of a person’s teeth using traditional metal braces can be helpful in reducing gummy smile problems. Talk to your dentist for further details.

  1. The Oral Surgery

If you are faced with the problem of too many gums covering your teeth then an oral surgery can be a reliable option. In a minimally-invasive surgery a surgeon will manually take out the extra gums tissues that cover the teeth. 

This surgery is called gingivectomy which is also known as gum recontouring treatment. The results of this surgical procedure are permanent.

  1. Lip repositioning surgery

A simple lip-reposition treatment can help cover your excess gum visibility which can help you get rid of your gummy smile. 

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Step by Step Lip Reposition Surgery:

  1. First, the connective tissue is removed from the inner side of the upper lip
  2. Doing this prevents your elevator muscles from lifting your lip too high above your teeth
  3. The lip is then adjusted in such a way that your gums are hidden and your smile looks more natural
  4. Temporary anchorage devices

If you just want a quick fix against your gummy smile for something important and you don’t want surgery or botox then you can opt for an anchorage device. A temporary anchorage device (TAD) can pull your teeth in such a position that your gums become less visible.

The Conclusion

The excessive gingival display or a gummy smile can also enhance your smile in some cases, it’s better to ask someone about how your smile looks before opting for the treatment. There is no doubt that botox gummy smile treatment is one of the most effective and cheap solutions to this problem. 

However, you can also opt for other above-mentioned procedures if you think they suit you better. Consult your doctor and ask him/her what treatment option is the most optimal for your intended outcomes. Always remember that your practitioner knows best and that’s why you should leave your final decision to your dental surgeon.