Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Does hypnotherapy work? Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis as a tool to change people’s thought patterns and help them in multiple fields. Although stage hypnosis has challenged the trustworthiness of hypnotherapy, every day more people benefit from this technique.

Essentially, hypnotherapy induces a hypnotic state where people easily access their subconscious mind. As a result, clients get to the real root of their problems. A hypnotherapist St Petersburg can help you grow personally and improve your wellbeing.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

During a session, hypnotherapists guide people through a hypnotic state, a trance-like state, or simply a state of high relaxation and focus. While in trance, people can search deep in their minds and respond willingly to suggestions. The hypnotic state provides a way to focus on a problem as much as the person needs to so that a solution can be found.

You get into this state of peacefulness as the hypnotherapist guides you using mental images and suggestions. These suggestions promote behavior changes, which become more embedded as more sessions take place.


For instance, a hypnotherapist St. Petersburg can make you learn through gentle suggestions to trust yourself more or increase your ability to overcome a problem. Prior to the session, clients might be encouraged to talk about how a particular fear began or the feelings that arise when certain situations occur.

A hypnotherapy session can have multiple effects on a person. The most common ones include:

  • Improved focus
  • Relaxation
  • Peace
  • Better Sleep
  • Stress Reduction

We all have different lifestyles. Whether it’s that we work or take care of our home, stress can make it difficult for us to focus on a determined problem. Our mind is cluttered with so many responsibilities that we aren’t able to focus on ourselves.

Nonetheless, hypnotherapy sessions help people overcome daily stress so that they can focus completely on major issues.


The awareness of a person during a hypnotherapy session can go either way. Sometimes, people recall the entire session at the end of it and can even have a conversation while in trance. However, some people experience such levels of relaxation that they even disconnect from reality while in a hypnotic state.


Entering a trance-like state consists of being so relaxed that you can put your conscious mind aside, and focus on an unconscious level on whatever problems you are facing. Hypnotherapists often emphasize the fact that you are safe to become calmer. As a result, being calmer allows you to be more receptive to the suggestions you will receive.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help Me?

People can use hypnotherapy to benefit themselves in many ways. The ability to reach one’s subconscious mind to cope with unwanted behaviors makes hypnotherapy a helpful tool to improve on a personal level.

Some hypnotherapy benefits include:

More self-trust

Hypnotherapy can make people more confidence in themselves, which in turn can improve their motivation to start new personal or professional projects.

Improving cognitive abilities

Eliminating distractions and developing deep focus also improves client’s performance on tests and similar intellectual activities. Hypnotherapy can be of great help to people who want to learn quicker.

Stronger character

People learn how to cope with difficult situations in a more calm and relaxed way by using hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy Works

Plenty of people have the same doubt about hypnotherapy. That question is “Does hypnotherapy work?”.

Currently, several studies can confirm that hypnotherapy is effective at helping the brain see things in a more useful way. Stanford University conducted an experiment where volunteers were hypnotized to influence their brains.

During the experiment, the volunteers looked at black and white objects. However, they said that those were colored objects. Consequently, Stanford University states that there is scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of hypnotherapy.

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Moreover, many other studies in the hypnotherapy field confirm that hypnosis can alter the thought process of a person. Hypnotherapy, as long as it is implemented by a professional, can be considered a scientific solution to eradicate irrational ideas and unwanted behaviors.

Hypnotherapists with many years of experience know several strategies to change the state of mind of a person. However, trust in the practitioner can play a major role during the sessions. People who attend hypnotherapy sessions trusting the hypnotist and without prejudices have better results.

Does hypnotherapy work? Yes. Several studies support hypnotherapy. Nevertheless, if you go with a hypnotherapist St Petersburg, do it with trust and confidence. A hypnotherapist in St Petersburg can improve your life.