You have tried the shampoos and the soaps, the medicines, and the herbs, taken the advice of experts, but unfortunately, nothing is working. Your hair is getting drier day by day, and your skin is losing its glow. What do you do? You start eating healthy! The one thing you have not done till now is to add certain foods in your diet that will bring back your hair and skin to their former glory. 

How Does Diet Impact Hair and Skin Health? 

Research on hair loss by AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) explained that people lose 50-100 strands of hair each day and the new hair regrows from the same follicles. The process of hair growth depends on the nutrients in your body. The food we eat affects hair and skin health. Certain proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals are essential for healthy skin and hair growth. 

You will find many reasons for dull and lifeless hair. Here we divided them into two main factors responsible for the better quality of hair; Internal and external factors. Our diet, hormonal changes, iron deficiency, anxiety, and autoimmune diseases are some internal factors that have a significant impact on hair growth. While heat styling, excessive hair dyeing or bleaching, hard water damage, improper hair care routine, and high chemical product usage. 

Worst Foods for your skin and hair 

You will need to nourish your hair from the inside out by eating healthy foods while avoiding the worst foods that are not good for the health of your hair and skin. Some foods can  damage hair or discourage hair growth such as; 

  1. Fried, Greasy Food

  2. Dairy

  3. Alcohol

  4. Sugar 

  5. Starchy and refined grains

  6. Whey Protein 

In this blog, we will tell you five foods for beautiful skin and hair that you need to start using without further delay;

1. Green Vegetables 

As kids, our parents always tell us to eat greens, and we always run far away from them. Now that we are adults, we have realized how important they are. Kale, Broccoli, Olives, Spinach, and Brussels sprouts are the best at removing toxicants from our blood, making our skin and hair healthy. These vegetables contain natural vitamin C and balance the hormones in our bodies. There are many exciting ways to cook these vegetables and make them taste wonderful!

2. Dairy Products 

Many lifeless hair causes can be tackled once you start using dairy products every day. If your hair is dull and lifeless, notice why this is so? Is it because you began to reduce your dairy intake? Kefir, yogurt, and fermented baked milk are examples of dairy that most adults let go of. However, they soon wonder why their hair is losing its beauty and how to make hair shinier.  If you’re facing similar thoughts, you should focus on improving your gut health, which will enhance your hair and skin quality. 

3. Nuts 

Snacking on nuts is the best kind of food to eat for glowing skin. Whether it is pistachios or hazelnuts, almonds or cashews, they all contain vitamin E and B that will improve your skin and hair. They also have a significant impact on nails making them more rigid and spot-free. The best thing about eating nuts is that you do not have to worry about weight gain. Unlike other snacks, they contain no carbohydrates or fats, leading to even more worries for you.   

4. Seafood 

One type of healthy food for glowing skin is seafood. For meat lovers, shifting to seafood instead of using other types of meat is ideal if facing hair and skin issues. Fish and most other seafood contain high levels of iodine, protein, and omega-3 oils. These are very good for making hair and skin healthy. No matter what hair and skin type you have, it will be balanced once you start consuming more seafood. Add a bit of lemon juice to your cooked dishes, and the fantastic taste will be hard to resist!

5. Fruit Smoothies 

There is nothing better than having a fruit smoothie in the morning with your breakfast. It comes in the most sought-after foods for glowing skin. Fruits are not only refreshing; they are one of the healthiest entities you could consume in your day. It does not matter what fruits you use as long as you eat them daily. The best thing about fruit smoothies is that you get a new taste every season. You can experiment with the countless recipes available online and add your ingredients to them. Once you perfect the taste, start offering it to your friends and family and help their hair and skin become better.  

Having healthy hair and skin is truly a blessing that we should not take lightly. If you face skin and hair issues, try changing your diet and adding the foods for healthy skin and hair mentioned above. Stick to eating them, and you will notice a visible difference in your body. 

Bottom Line

Apart from diet, water quality also holds great significance in the health of hair and skin. Bad quality water is the second notable reason for dull hair after improper diet. Most of us are getting hard tap water in our homes which makes our hair dull and frizzy also leads to hair loss. The salt residues from hard water damage the hair follicles and scalp and become a reason for dandruff. 

Home remedies, using moisturizing masks and leave-in-conditioners, and installing a mineral shower head are some possible solutions for preventing hard water damage and bringing the previous beauty back.

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