Depending on the urine color you can tell about one’s health and daily habits. Urine is usually a pale yellow color liquid that is passed through the kidney after filtering waste material from the body. Urine is filled with 95% of water and also the waste materials that our body flushes out. 

The days you have consumed less water you may observe a little darker urine color. The food you usually eat and the materials present in them tend to change the urine color. 

Clear to pale yellow: Clear or pale yellow color urine depicts your health as completely normal and your body is functioning in the right path. This also indicates you are hydrating your body at the right amounts. If you are a person who does not consume a lot of water and still passes clear urine visit a urology hospital as it may be the underlying reason for liver disorders.

Yellowish: You may pass yellowish urine when your body is not adequately hydrated and it also may be the reason for consuming pigmented foods. In case your bloodstream has levels of Vitamin B the urine can appear in neon yellow color.

Red or Pink: Passing red or pink urine can tell that you have an underlying reason for a health condition like hematuria where you spot blood in your urine. Few other conditions include an enlarged prostate, kidney stones, and the presence of tumors in the bladder. In case you are diagnosed with kidney stones get the treatment for kidney stones to avoid complications.

Deep Orange: Orange color urine can tell that the body is not receiving proper water content and it may also be the reason for adult jaundice. The orange color is due to the presence of bile in your urine.

Blue or Green: The color change to blue or green is due to any dyes used in your medical examination. This discoloration of urine is also caused by a bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Usually blue is a rare instance and if you have witnessed one visit the best urology hospital in Bangalore to avoid complications.

Dark Brownish: This color can indicate some serious dehydration levels and maybe also a reason due to intake of few medications. 

Cloudy: Cloudy urine is a sign of urinary tract infection, this can also be an underlying issue with kidneys. If you witness foam in your urine it is due to pneumaturia.

Always understanding your urine color can save you in many ways. In case you have pain while passing urine you can receive Kidney Stone Treatment Bangalore as kidney stones get painful over time. Visit a Urologist if you find any problem with your urine as it can save you from complications. Try to drink adequate water as this is the major reason for urine discoloration and wait for two to three days before you consult a doctor. As the discoloration may be due to something unusual you have eaten. Though there’s a lot to know from urine a proper diagnosis is required to treat the problem.

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